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bosch washing machine serie,s 6 WAQ24461GB Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect
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£7.50 inc. tax
bosch washing machine serie,s 6 WAQ24461GB Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect Summary

bosch washing machine serie,s 6 WAQ24461GB Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect

brand New compatible bosch washing machine carbon brushes

Pack Of 2

bosch wfc, wfe, wff, wfg, wfk, wfl wfO eTc washing machine carbon brushes

for Use On bosch siemens motors 141344 And 141667. Sandwich/laminated construction 5x12.4x36mm 4.8mm Terminals

fits models below


bosch wfb2005gb/36, bosch wfb2405gb/33, bosch wfc2060gb/01, bosch wfc2466gb/01, bosch wfc2467gb/10, bosch wfc246cgb/06, bosch wfc246cgb/07, bosch wfd2060gb/01, bosch wfd2071gb/05, bosch wfd2072gb/05, bosch wfd2073gb/05, bosch wfd2073gb/06, bosch wfd2460gb/01, bosch wfd2471gb/01, bosch wfd2471gb/08, bosch wfd2473gb/01, bosch wfd2473gb/08, bosch wfe2020gb/01, bosch wfe2021ee/01, bosch wfe2021gb/01, bosch wff1120gb/14, bosch wff1200gb/01, bosch wff1200gb/12, bosch wff1200gb/14, bosch wff1201gb/01, bosch wff120lgb/01, bosch wff1400gb/12, bosch wff1401/01, bosch wff1401gb/01, bosch wff140lgb/01, bosch wff147Sgb/01, bosch wff1800gb/01, bosch wff1800gb/11, bosch wff2000/01, bosch wff2000/12, bosch wff2000gb/01, bosch wff2000gb/11, bosch wff2000gb/12, bosch wff2000gb/14, bosch wff2001gb/01, bosch wff200lgb/01, bosch wff2010/01, bosch wfg2020gb/01, bosch wfg2220gb/01, bosch wfg2420gb/01, bosch wfg242lgb/01, bosch wfk2200gb/01, bosch wfk2200gb/11, bosch wfk2200gb/12, bosch wfk2201gb/01, bosch wfk2280gb/01, bosch wfk2800gb/01, bosch wfk2800gb/11, bosch wfk2800gb/12, bosch wfk2801/01, bosch wfk2801gb/01, bosch wfk6030gb/01, bosch wfk6030gb/06, bosch wfl100gb/12, bosch wfl120gb/12, bosch wfl1240ii/01, bosch wfl2000gb/01, bosch wfl2000Uk/01, bosch wfl2060/01, bosch wfl2060gb/04, bosch wfl2060gb/12, bosch wfl2062/04, bosch wfl2062gb/12, bosch wfl2063gb/01, bosch wfl2063gb/12, bosch wfl2066gb/01, bosch wfl2066gb/06, bosch wfl2066gb/08, bosch wfl2067gb/01, bosch wfl2067gb/14, bosch wfl2067gb/16, bosch wfl2067gb/17, bosch wfl2260gb/01, bosch wfl2260Uk/01, bosch wfl2260Uk/04, bosch wfl2260Uk/12, bosch wfl226lgb/01, bosch wfl2400/27, bosch wfl2450fg/01, bosch wfl2450gb/01, bosch wfl2450gb/04, bosch wfl2450Uk/04, bosch wfl2450Uk/12, bosch wfl245S/04, bosch wfl245Sgb/04, bosch wfl2462gb/12, bosch wfl2463ee/01, bosch wfl2463gb/12, bosch wfl246k/04, bosch wfl246kgb/04, bosch wfl246kUk/12, bosch wfl246Sgb/01, bosch wfl2850Nl/01, bosch wfl2860gb/01, bosch wfl2871Uk/03, bosch wfl2872gb/01, bosch wfl2872gb/05, bosch wfl2872gb/06, bosch wfl2872gb/07, bosch wfl2872Uk/03, bosch wfli2440gb/01, bosch wfli2440gb/05, bosch wfli2440gb/10, bosch wfli2440gb/14, bosch wfli2440gb/18, bosch wfm3030gb/04, bosch wfO120fR/01, bosch wfO2064gb/01, bosch wfO2260gb/01, bosch wfO2264gb/01, bosch wfO2265gb/01, bosch wfO2430AU/01, bosch wfO2460gb/01, bosch wfO2463ee/01, bosch wfO2464gb/01, bosch wfO2465gb/01, bosch wfO2466gb/01, bosch wfO2466gb/05, bosch wfO2466gb/07, bosch wfO2467gb/01, bosch wfO2467gb/15, bosch wfO2467gb/17, bosch wfO2467gb/18, bosch wfO2851fg/08, bosch wfO2855fg/01, bosch wfO285Sgb/01, bosch wfO285Sgb/08, bosch wfO2860/01, bosch wfO2860/08, bosch wfO2860gb/01, bosch wfO2864gb/01, bosch wfO2865gb/01, bosch wfO2865gb/08, bosch wfO2865Uk/01, bosch wfO2866gb/01, bosch wfO2866gb/05, bosch wfO2866gb/07, bosch wfO2867gb/01, bosch wfO2867gb/12, bosch wfO2867gb/15, bosch wfO2867gb/16, bosch wfO2867gb/17, bosch wfO2867gb/18, bosch wfO2880/08, bosch wfP2831fg/01, bosch wfR120Afg/01, bosch wfR145Sgb/05, bosch wfR145Sgb/11, bosch wfR145Sgb/13, bosch wfR2460gb/01, bosch wfR2466gb/01, bosch wfR2860gb/01, bosch wfR2866gb/01, bosch wfR2867gb/01, bosch wfR2867Uk/01, bosch wfR2867Uk/04, bosch wfR2867Uk/05, bosch wfR2868gb/05, bosch wfR2869gb/05, bosch wfR2869gb/11, bosch wfR2869gb/13, bosch wfT2800gb/01, bosch wfT2800gb/13, bosch wfT2806gb/13, bosch wfT8030gb/02, bosch wfx145Sgb/01, bosch wfx145Sgb/10, bosch wfx145Sgb/11, bosch wfx148Sgb/11, bosch wfx148Sgb/15, bosch wfx148Sgb/20, bosch wfx148Sgb/24, bosch wfx2467gb/01, bosch wfx2467gb/06, bosch wfx2467gb/09, bosch wfx2467gb/10, bosch wfx2468gb/01, bosch wfx2468gb/20, bosch wfx2468gb/25, bosch wfx2867gb/01, bosch wfx2867gb/06, bosch wfx2867gb/09, bosch wfx2867gb/10, bosch wfx2868gb/01, bosch wfx2868gb/20, bosch wfx2868gb/24, bosch wfx3267gb/01, bosch wfx3267gb/03, bosch wfx3267gb/10, bosch wfx3267gb/11, bosch wfx3268gb/11, bosch wfx3268gb/16, bosch wfx3268gb/20, bosch wfx3268gb/23, bosch wfxi2840gb/01, bosch wfxi2840gb/10, bosch wfxi2840gb/15, bosch wfxi2840gb/24, bosch wfxi2840gb/26, bosch wiS24140gb/07, bosch wlx24162gb/18, bosch wOk2001/02, bosch wOk2001gb/02, bosch wOk2001gb/04, bosch wOk2001gb/05, bosch wOl2200gb/01, bosch wOl2200gb/08, bosch wOl2200gb/10, bosch wOP2400gb/02, bosch wOP2400gb/03, bosch wOP2407gb/12, bosch wOP2407gb/13, bosch wTA4107gb/01, bosch wTe5820gb/04, bosch wTe6920gb/01, bosch wVd2452Sgb/01, bosch wVf2401gb/01, bosch wVT1260gb/01, bosch wVTi2840gb/04,


siemens wd61392gb/13, siemens we61020gb/11, siemens we61021gb/01, siemens wh50280gb/12, siemens wh54080gb/01, siemens wh54080gb/07, siemens wh54080Uk/12, siemens wh54480gb/04, siemens wh54880gb/01, siemens wh54880gb/04, siemens wh55680gb/01, siemens wiQ1633gb/01, siemens wm12e468gb/07, siemens wm14S493gb/03, siemens wm40030gb/04, siemens wm50100gb/01, siemens wm50200fg/12, siemens wm50200gb/12, siemens wm50200gb/14, siemens wm50201gb/01, siemens wm50301gb/01, siemens wm51000gb/12, siemens wm51000gb/14, siemens wm5487Agb/04, siemens wm61200gb/01, siemens wm61200gb/12, siemens wm61401gb/01, siemens wm6147e/01, siemens wm6147egb/01, siemens wP91231SN/05, siemens wxb1060gb/03, siemens wxd1260gb/01, siemens wxl120gb/01, siemens wxl125Sgb/01, siemens wxl127Agb/18, siemens wxl132gb/01, siemens wxl140gb/01, siemens wxl1420/01, siemens wxl142gb/01, siemens wxl142gb/08, siemens wxl146Agb/01, siemens wxl146Agb/07, siemens wxl146Agb/09, siemens wxl147Agb/09, siemens wxl147Agb/15, siemens wxl147Agb/18, siemens wxl147Agb/19, siemens wxl166Agb/01, siemens wxl166Agb/07, siemens wxl166Agb/09, siemens wxl167Agb/10, siemens wxl167Agb/16, siemens wxl167AUk/16, siemens wxli1240gb/01, siemens wxli1240gb/05, siemens wxli1240gb/10, siemens wxli4240gb/01, siemens wxli4240gb/10, siemens wxlm112gb/04, siemens wxlm122gb/04, siemens wxlm1260gb/27, siemens wxlm146Agb/03, siemens wxlm146Agb/05, siemens wxlm148Agb/08, siemens wxlm148Agb/10, siemens wxlm148Agb/14, siemens wxlm148Agb/17, siemens wxlm148Agb/19, siemens wxlm148AUk/19, siemens wxlm166Agb/01, siemens wxlm166Agb/08, siemens wxlm166Agb/10, siemens wxlm168Agb/10, siemens wxlm168Agb/14, siemens wxlm168Agb/15, siemens wxlP145Agb/01, siemens wxlP145Agb/10, siemens wxlP145Agb/11, siemens wxlP145Agb/15, siemens wxlP146Agb/15, siemens wxlP146Agb/20, siemens wxlP146Agb/24, siemens wxlP165Agb/01, siemens wxlP165Agb/03, siemens wxlP165Agb/10, siemens wxlS122gb/01, siemens wxlS122gb/04, siemens wxlS122gb/05, siemens wxlS140gb/01, siemens wxlS142gb/01, siemens wxlS1430/01, siemens wxlS143gb/01, siemens wxlS143gb/04, siemens wxlS143gb/05, siemens wxm110gb/01,


Neff b4540S0fN/05, Neff h7860N1gb/01, Neff T2766N1/01, Neff V4380x0gb/01, Neff V4380x0gb/13, Neff w4280w0gb/11, Neff w4380x0eU/01, Neff w4380x0gb/01, Neff w4380x0gb/11, Neff w4380x0gb/12, Neff w4380x1gb/01, Neff w5320x0eP/01, Neff w5320x0gb/01, Neff w5320x0gb/05, Neff w5320x0gb/10, Neff w5320x0gb/14, Neff w5320x0gb/18, Neff w5340x0gb/01, Neff w5340x0gb/10, Neff w5340x0gb/20, Neff w5340x0gb/26




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